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Class 11th - Accountancy

Chapter                Chapter Name
Chapter: 01         Introduction to Accounting
Chapter: 02         Basic Accounting Terms
Chapter: 03         Theory Base Accounting
Chapter:04          Bases of Accounting
Chapter: 05         Accounting Equation
Chapter: 06         Accounting Procedures – Rules of Dr. and Cr.
Chapter: 07         Origin of Transactions – Source Documents and Voucher Preparation
Chapter: 08         Journal and Ledgers
Chapter: 09         Special Purpose Book – Cash Book
Chapter: 10         Special Purpose Book – Other Book
Chapter: 11         Trial Balance
Chapter: 12         Bank Reconciliation Statement
Chapter: 13         Depreciation
Chapter: 14         Provision and Reserves
Chapter: 15         Accounting for Bills of Exchange
Chapter: 16         Rectification of Errors
Chapter: 17         Financial Statements – Without Adjustments
Chapter: 18         Financial Statements – With Adjustments
Chapter: 19         Accounting for Not for profit Organisations
Chapter: 20         Single Entry System
Chapter: 21         Computer in Accounting
Chapter: 22         Accounting and Data Base Management System



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How to Make a Journal Entry | Part 1 of 12

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