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Class 12th - Economics

Part A: Introductory Microeconomics

Chapter                Chapter Name
Chapter: 01         Introduction
Chapter: 02         Consumer’s Equilibrium
Chapter: 03         Demand and Law of Demand
Chapter:04          Elasticity of Demand
Chapter: 05         Production Function
Chapter: 06         Cost
Chapter: 07         Revenue
Chapter: 08         Producer Equilibrium
Chapter: 09         Supply and Elasticity of Demand
Chapter: 10         Main Forms of Market
Chapter: 11         Price Determination with simple application (Equilibrium under Perfect Competition)
Part B: Introductory Macroeconomics

Chapter                Chapter Name
Chapter: 01         Circular Flow of income
Chapter: 02         Basic Concepts of Macroeconomics
Chapter: 03         National Income and Related Aggregates
Chapter: 04         Measurement of National Income
Chapter: 05         Money
Chapter: 06         Banking - Commercial Banks and Central Bank
Chapter: 07         Aggregate Demand and Related Concepts
Chapter: 08         Income Determination and Multiplier
Chapter: 09         Excess Demand and Deficient Demand
Chapter: 10         Government Budget and the Economy
Chapter: 11         Foreign Exchange Rate
Chapter: 12         Balance of Payments




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Demand - Part 1 of 4 Economics Class XII (CBSE)

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